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Zyrtec dating

AS A teenager, he spent his vacations working at WTVH-TV 5, the local CBS affiliate in Syracuse.

“They had a growth chart on the wall on a doorway in the newsroom,” he recalls.

Around fifth grade, he began broadcasting from inside a cardboard box in his family’s living room in Syracuse, New York.

My assistants love the Chet Baker days.”HE BINGE-WATCHES which reminded him of his childhood in Syracuse.

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News anchor David Muir knew he wanted to be a journalist by the time he hit double digits.

(He’s not a neat freak, he claims, just a fan of “clean lines.”)HIS VICE of choice: venti red eyes, i.e., 20-ounce Starbucks coffees with a shot of espresso.

HE PLAYS tennis but doesn’t take it too seriously: “My backhand is better than my forehand, which isn’t saying much.” Nor is he an equipment snob. WHEN HE’S running on the gym treadmill, he unabashedly listens to a Spotify playlist called Teen Party.

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What they actually recommend is that if you're over 65, or if you have liver or kidney problems, you should ask your doctor if it's OK to use it.