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He had a sexy tribal full-sleeve tattoo on his left arm and his right pec bore an italian flag tat. I loved daddy's mustache but Uncle Tony's boyish good looks suited him. He's 6 foot tall and has broad muscular shoulders, backed by the an impressive pair of biceps.Daddy had his rugged hand behind my head, forcing me up and down his thick Italian shaft. Uncle Tony was kneeled behind me, playing with my smooth ass.Sometimes I would look back to admire Uncle Tony smoking that cigarette. "Fuck, bro, your boy has a nice pussy." Uncle Tony said, flicking his smoke to the street.Daddy was now pumping my mouth good while Uncle Tony was showing me a good time in the back.Both of them were grunting and calling me degrading names.

Yeaaah boy, take it good." "MMmm boy." "Oh fuck yeah you little bitch, oh yeah." I felt like a prized possession.He had medium length brown hair and his eyes were dark and sultry.He had rough hands like daddy and an equally large dick.They high-fived a few times and howled like wolves.Their hot muscled bodies glistened with sweat as they pounded me good.

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Mmm yeah fuck it, yeah boy, yeah fuck it." "Daddy's about to squirt, boy. I curled up beside him and ran my hand across his sculpted abs. "No thanks to Stefano." Daddy answered and winked when I looked at him. Daddy and Uncle Tony enjoying beers and cigarettes and swapped stories of their younger days.

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