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Xvm not updating

Each JVM thread also has its own call stack (called a "Java Virtual Machine stack" for clarity), which stores frames.

A new frame is created each time a method is called, and the frame is destroyed when that method exits.

Each frame provides an "operand stack" and an array of "local variables".

on the Java Platform, a new feature which supports dynamically typed languages in the JVM.

The JVM operates on primitive values (integers and floating-point numbers) and references. Code, constants, and other class data are stored in the "method area".

The method area is logically part of the heap, but implementations may treat the method area separately from the heap, and for example might not garbage collect it.

A class file contains Java Virtual Machine instructions (Java byte code) and a symbol table, as well as other ancillary information.

The class file format is the hardware- and operating system-independent binary format used to represent compiled classes and interfaces.

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This feature is developed within the Da Vinci Machine project whose mission is to extend the JVM so that it supports languages other than Java.