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Establishment and Maintenance of Consolidated Schools. Special School Watchmen-School Districts in Townships of the Second Class. Property and Indebtedness and Rental Obligations of Former Component School Districts. Filing Copy of Action Creating New District, or Affecting Fourth Class District, with Superintendent of Public Instruction. Approval or Disapproval of Creation or Change of Third or Fourth Class Districts. Removal for Failure to Organize or Neglect of Duty. Vacancy where Director Fails to Qualify or Attend Meetings. Not to be Employed by or do Business with District; Exceptions. Criminal History of Employes and Prospective Employes; Conviction of Certain Offenses.

Department of Public Instruction to Prepare Plans (Repealed). Establishment of Reorganized School Districts (Repealed).

Number and Appointment in Districts First Class and First Class A; Reorganized District of First Class A Containing Former Districts of Second, Third or Fourth Class: Terms of Office. School Board in First Class A School Districts; Apportionment of Seats, and Numbers, Terms, and Methods for Election of School Directors in First Class A School Districts. Number and Election in Districts of the Second, Third and Fourth Classes; Terms of Office. Incumbent School Directors and Interim Operating Committee. Number and Election in Districts Third Class; Terms of Office. Number and Election in Districts Fourth Class; Terms of Office. Elections Where District Not Coextensive With, or in More than One City, Borough, Town or Township.

Elections or Appointments in Newly Formed Districts.

Notice of Organization Meetings; Temporary Officers; etc. Districts First Class and First Class A Permanent Organization; Election of Officers. Districts Second, Third and Fourth Class Permanent Organization; Election of Officers.

Payment of Premiums on Officers' Bonds by School Districts.

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AN ACT Relating to the public school system, including certain provisions applicable as well to private and parochial schools; amending, revising, consolidating and changing the laws relating thereto.

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