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At the terminal, type: In this step, we will install Python libraries used for deep learning, specifically: Theano, Tensor Flow, and Keras.

NOTE: I recommend using Keras for deep learning and Keras only requires one of Theano or Tensor Flow to be installed. There may be problems installing Tensor Flow on some Windows machines.

Turn it in in Stormwind or Orgrimmar for a choice of one of these: Onyxia Blood Talisman ( Someone with 315 skinning needs to skin her and loot the Onyxia Scale. docid=-3913987439473738371&q=onyxia 4 man Might be doable with 3 but it would still probably require 2 healers making your dps extremely low and the fight ridiculously long. The biggest key to the fight is not taking aggro from the main tank. All throughout the fight she will break open eggs and your mages will have to AOE them down or they will take out your healers/casters. There have been loads of speculations about Onyxia. Casters can wand her but try not to use too much mana, you will need it for phase 2. At this point you can get under her and hit her with melee DPS but I would just leave most of the DPS to the casters. If you stand behind her her tail will knock you away.You can learn all about the Anaconda Navigator here.You can use the Anaconda Navigator and graphical development environments later; for now, I recommend starting with the Anaconda command line environment called conda.

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