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You're happy they are having fun at first, but soon you get bored by it. Bachelor 1: I'd invite my friend Rudy over and we'd give you a double dip!Gigi, meanwhile, posts and deletes four tweets likely directed at Joe. even made an entire post dedicated to all the beautiful visuals. I mean, it was definitely very quick.” He also notes that people have been comparing him and Zayn “for years.” May 2016: Zayn and Gigi walk the red carpet together at the Met Gala and are the beau and belle of the ball in Versace and Tommy Hilfiger, respectively. She’s cool.”December 2016: In an interview on Sirius XM’s Morning Mash Up, Zayn continues the Zi Gi origin story. pic.twitter.com/GZ2j4q O5Ah— Sirius XM Hits 1 (@Sirius XMHits1) December 14, 2016.reports that Gigi and Zayn have ended their relationship after seven months of dating. (The cat unfortunately does not appear on the track).photo shoots, starred in a music video together, and appeared on each other's social media accounts countless times. November 2015: Zayn and Gigi first spark romance rumors a few short weeks after she ends thing with Joe Jonas.Photographs of them leaving Justin Bieber’s American Music Awards after-party in L. surface, causing millions of Zayn fans to weep rivers. He’s chuffed.”Days later, Zayn stirs more romance rumors when he takes a selfie wearing what appears to be Gigi’s glasses. 29, Zayn and Gigi make things official by holding hands while leaving The Nice Guy together. Next up: Zayn’s face is spotted on Gigi’s background image on her phone after she touches down at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris ahead of Paris Fashion Week.

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