Whos dating romo

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Whos dating romo

Sadly, he died in the Vietnam War, but the bracelet now has over 50 charms, as I have added a charm every year in his memory. What an incredible legacy he leaves behind and I am blessed and fortunate to own many of his pieces that he created.I have book markers, crosses, and other bracelets, some simple in design, others elegantly adorned with gold and gemstones, but all beloved, all commemorating major chapters in my life. Avery’s appreciation of the natural world, his unique insight into faith, his love of God, and his belief in the righteousness of God and His Truth. Every charm, ring, and pendant will be even more special to me.Many years ago my mom and dad retired and moved to Kerrville.While eating dinner at the Motel in town my mom met James.The symbolism it represents for me and my family are a way I can keep in touch with my Faith and share it with others. Avery & his designs helped create heirlooms for my myself, my sister & Mother through his charm bracelets.

James Avery definitely left a mark on my life and many others. The craftsmanship is superb and eloquent and I appreciate everything that Mr. It helps me to stay grounded and remember the simple things in life that mean the most. Avery was amazing, generous, brilliant, humble, and wonderfully candid fellow. I remember during one of our Manager’s Conferences there were recycle bins and trash bins readily labeled. Avery, for being a part of my family’s most inspirational milestones – from communion, to motherhood, to sisterhood.My life was in turmoil but I was trying hard to keep it together.As we got off the hay ride at a friends home I brushed the hay off of my pants the ring went flying. Shiny and beautiful with a few little places where you could see the stress.At the time she was keeping the books for the hotel and James was making jewelry in his garage. He asked my mother, Roma Acton if she would be interested. God Bless them and your Family My mom works for James Avery in Burleson TX.My dad, Dick, Was a Carpender so he asked dad if he be interested in doing a few jobs for him. Mom kept the books and Dad helped James with his projects. But even before her time there, James Avery Jewelry has been a part of my life from the very beginning. My mom had jewlery from the 70s when the only place you could buy the pieces was in a small church shop in Arlington TX.

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These days my husband gifts all us girls in the family (6 of us) with J Avery pieces. Many years ago my mother and father bought me and my sisters each a Love, Hope, Faith Ring.

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