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Less than a year ago, he knocked out a self-proclaimed Tai Chi master.

And the recent duel again sparked a heated debate over whether or not modern combat tactics are superior than the traditional Chinese martial arts - the collective pride of 1.4 billion people.

History According to the most commonly accepted versions of the legend, the Chinese martial arts trace their origin to thousands of years ago in China.

In 2002 Taiwan announced that it would now require Mongolian citizens to produce passports, in effect recognizing them as foreigners. 1945) MCT - Jeng Pei-fuh (acting) Ind - Lin Hsi-yao (b.

An outspoken MMA fighter has caused yet another outcry in China after apparently humiliating an opponent who claims to be a descendant of kung fu master Ip Man.39-year-old Xu Xiaodong, an MMA fighter and coach, knocked down Ding Hao, said to be a Wing Chun practitioner, six times in a three-round live game.

According to various Chinese websites, Mr Ding, said to be 20 years of age, claims to be a fourth-generation descendant of Ip Man, a master teacher of Wing Chun and a mentor of Hollywood star Bruce Lee.

Wing Chun is a type of Chinese martial arts originating in southern China's Guangdong Province, which allows practitioners to defend themselves against bigger and stronger rivals using close-range combat.

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Chinese martial arts refers to the enormous variety of martial art styles native to China.

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