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Rosenman is a TV producer who has worked on The City and The X Factor.

His net worth is not known, but we’re eager to know how it stacks up to ended.

The pair have been dating since February and have been heating up the show with their on screen romance.

Ben, 26, is no stranger to the cameras either, having starred in MTV's the Buried Life, a show which follows eight guys travelling the globe on a bus attempting to complete a list of '100 things to do before you die.'Whitney has a successful fashion line, Whitney Eve, and is set to star as the lead role in LA Candy, a film based on her friend, Lauren Conrad's best-selling novel.

Whitney, 25, barely cracked a smile throughout the short session.

The budding fashion designer, who started her reality career in The Hills, has admitted that its hard having her life played out on camera.'It can be difficult, but I think because I actually love doing it, it's worth balancing,' she has said.

After the series ended, Port launched her own fashion lone called “Whitney Eve” and moved to New York City to work with Diane Von Furstenberg, which became the focus of The City.'The problem is that, as many positive things get captured, there are as many failures and upsets so it's a double-edged sword and it can be difficult at times because the bad things can be magnified.'I've gotten numb to a lot of things in a way and go with the flow these days.'However hard it may be, the reality starlet soon had a smile on her face as she later joined boyfriend Ben Nemtin for a stroll round a park in a pair of frilled shorts.Whitney Port of The Hills fame is expecting her first child with husband, Tim Rosenman, whom she has been with for a few years now.They might as well cast the new generation of The Hills with Port’s costars Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag, who are also pregnant!

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Whitney wore a floaty cream sundress, but her pretty outfit wasn't matched by her sour face as she joined cast member Roxy Olin, 24, to film some outdoor moments for the show.

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