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She is a strong woman and God probably knew what work I was going to do before He gave me a wife with such understanding. How come people say you are dating Nadia, the actress? I dont know why but I guess it is the same way they said Ramsey was dating Genevieve. I handle them like I would handle any female admirer if I wasnt a known face. Your wife does not mind that you kiss so passionately on set? If I am married, like I am now, I keep it like that. Do you regret being married now and can no longer sow the wild oats? In a recent interview, Van Vicker has revealed that he is expecting a son soon. When people see that two people play a lot of roles together, tend to be good friends, play romantic roles and love scenes together and they look very natural, they start talking. In the same interview he also talks about getting married at a young age and kissing women on screen.. Vous l’aurez deviné les soupçons des fidélités sont la base de la plupart des ruptures: les actrices ont des mœurs légères et les acteurs sont de vrais coureurs de jupons et de pantalon.Mais bon il y a d’autres raisons qui entraînent la séparation, un conjoint violent comme c’est le cas de l’actrice Monalisa Chinda ou encore le décès précoce de l’être aimé comme a pu l’expérimenter l’actrice Stella Damascus.Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker and his wife, have celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary.

Van Vicker is among the few who did marry their first love, and still in love and enjoying their marriage as the years go by.

Cette union a fait couler beaucoup d’encre puisque à quelques jours du mariage une jeune dame a clamé publiquement qu’elle était mariée au futur époux depuis plusieurs années et qu’ils n’avaient jamais divorcé.

Elle a fournit plusieurs photos comme preuve, mais cela n’a pas empêché les deux tourtereaux de convoler en juste noces.

I was just told that this guy that I knew as an African celeb was actually a cat fish, he asked me for help and I did help him now this motherfucker confessed who he was and said he did what he did for money and then asking me to forgive him, bitch, you mean to tell you can’t find a job?

You have to come online acting like an actor just to get people money?

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Beginning in the 15th century, numerous European powers contested the area for trading rights, with the British ultimately establishing control of the coast by the late 19th century.

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