Who is simon cowell dating 2016

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Who is simon cowell dating 2016

Of course I hate him saying that, but it’s true,” she admits. It was awful for everyone involved and the fact it was all over the papers every day made things incredibly messy.” Amanda is now happily married to Chris Hughes, although she recently admitted that her pet goldfish gets more attention these days than her husband. “It’s about trying to carve out a bit of time for us - we have to explain to the girls that they must go to bed and let us have time alone, which is hard. Amanda hit the front pages after her marriage of two years to ‘Coronation Street’ star Les Dennis came to an end, after her affair with ‘Men Behaving Badly’ star Neil Morrissey made the front pages in 2000. The America's Got Talent star and the socialite have a 3 year old son together, Eric and have been dating since 2013.Most America's Got Talent fans probably prefer to forget the fact that Simon Cowell is taken because it's easier to focus on his demanding personality and critical producer than his love life.His wife is an amazing person." Simon also said about what manners he wanted to teach Eric.He revealed: "Right from the beginning I thought I'm going to teach Eric how to share, so I said 'Can I have some of your milk' and he went 'no' and I said 'You have to share everything Eric' and it took me about a week." And by spending time with his daddy on set, Eric is learning the ropes of television.To begin with the most basic facts, her name is Lauren Silverman, she is currently 39 years old, and she is not currently married to Cowell but they have been partners and co-parents since 2013.Lauren was actually married to Andrew Silverman (now divorced) and Simon and Lauren had an affair, that resulted in their adorable son, Eric.

Simon and partner, Lauren Silverman, actually have a steamy and scandalous start: Lauren was married while they started dating.Speaking on TV show 'Lorraine', Simon explained: "Yes [Lauren calls some of the shots] but for all the right reasons - if you're not careful you can almost burn yourself out - you've got to have that separation." The pair have been dating since 2013 and Simon says this relationship is different from his others as he previously always made all the decisions.And when he's in America, Simon, 56, says little Eric plays with Robbie Williams' children, Teddy, four, and 23-month-old Charlie.Together the couple has one child, three-year-old son Eric Cowell.Lauren is born and bred New Yorker, and in turn, is makes her career as a socialite.

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judges panel in season one, she had no idea what to expect, least of all that the show would be a ratings juggernaut (averaging 35 million viewers during its season-five height, according to Nielsen) and that the program, along with her snippy tablemate Simon Cowell and the jovial Randy Jackson, would become instant pop culture phenomena.