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Kassie, You’re tired of women being portrayed as beautiful? Hey, if a girl is a great scientist, I would hire her/want to work with her. She also needs to be cute and charming(the girls way…not at all like a guy, which some feminists dont understand) plus, these people whining about him not selecting very many non white people. People tend to find women of their own race sexier than the other races. This reminds me of the uproar of famous female athletes in mens magazines.

A female olympic skier was on the cover of a mens magazine in her bikini.

Whether this d00d has the “right” to do whatever the fuck he wants with publicly available photos on the Internet, doesn’t mean he isn’t a creepy fucking skeezbag deserving of scorn and derision from decent people.

I would much rather someone google my name and discover that someone finds me attractive (considering I fully appreciate the PR and public outreach/education aspects of science), than find a blog filled with vapid mental masturbations and pictures of shoes.

It’s hard enough for me to be taken seriously and to have people focus on the quality of my /work/ instead of my gender and/or appearance.

I think you probably didn’t intend it, but this post undermines that, especially for younger women who are just establishing themselves in their fields.

Summer Williams seems to be an engineer, not a scientist. Laura Spinney is an ecology and biology graduate student.

Focusing on the second would be rather more progressive.When did Luke say women are valueless outside their physical appearance? it would be nice if you included some of them – i do grant the asian woman.Wasn’t the point that these women are beautiful and also…scientists? there is an old saying: “the most segregated day in America is Sunday”. My favorite women in the world are actually darker-skinned Latinas, as it happens.We are all attracted to human forms of some kind and there’s nothing wrong with that.For me, the problem with a post like this is that, rather than celebrate human sexuality, it reinforces the cultural notion that women are valueless (regardless of career choice or ideological stance) unless they conform to a rigid notion of physical attractiveness. But posting this shows a disrespect to your female readership by exhibiting willful blindness to the hardships they face in being taken seriously in academic pursuits.

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There is, at least, a case to be made that the all the photos were already available, and Luke did nothing immoral by collating them. You are asking Luke for consideration, not exercising a right.