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Dispels objections, handles the hard cases, and makes a compelling argument for Natural Family Planning. There's an extensive section for "beginners" and even a chapter on the special charting needs of women just quitting the Pill.

It explains how to use fertility awareness to avoid pregnancy, as well as how to conceive.

Men And Women Are From Eden: A Study Guide to John Paul II's Theology of the Body - Mary Healy Making the theology of the body accessible to ordinary people, this book presents the biblical teaching on men, women, sex and marriage in a new and compelling way.

It give doctrinal foundations and is a tool not only for studying the late Pope's teaching, but also for healing oneself and changing one's relationships.

One commonly offered explanation for a girl having one is that her parents wanted a boy.

Many Japanese names are equally appropriate for men and women; tomboyish characters will frequently have one of these.

Excellent reading for seminary or college classes on marriage and family life.

Sex and the Marriage Covenant: A Basis For Morality - John F. Discusses the meaning of sex in marriage and church teaching on contraceptives from every conceivable angle: scriptural covenant theology, the Magisterium, and from scripture directly. Kippley A textbook for the Couple to Couple League International NFP course.

Frequently used to indicate some form of masculinity in the character; if not, expect the character to be very feminine and lament her name.

There is plenty of info about the effects of nutrition and pharmaceuticals on your cycles too!

Includes sections on the morality of family planning.

But looking after one's marriage must be the first priority: how would you like to have three preschoolers, work part-time, do your own housework, cooking and washing, and do it all as a single parent?

If you take care of everything else, and neglect your marriage, that's what can happen!

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It tells how to know you're pregnant and how to maintain infertility during breast feeding, as well as how to tell when you become fertile again.