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In A minor- MIDI Carol of the Bells - Christmas carol, supposedly from a Russian melody, two parts - treble and bass - MIDI Carol of the Bells - Same two parts but with bass line written in treble clef, to be played an octave lower.

Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle- Scottish, Americanized to a reel MIDI Carlin's Daughter (Carlin Is Your Daughter Ready), Scottish, 18th Century - MIDI Catch and Kiss the Romp - Scottish Reel - MIDI Cat Clumb Up the Plum Tree - Three part American Schottische with several titles - MIDI Charlie Is My Darling - Scottish Jacobite Song about Bonnie Prince Charlie, in Dm - MIDI Charlie Is My Darling Em - Scottish Jacobite Song about Bonnie Prince Charlie, in Em - MIDI Charlie Is My Darling with bass - Scottish Jacobite Song about Bonnie Prince Charlie, in Dm, bass line - MIDI Charlie Is My Darling Em with bass - Scottish Jacobite Song about Bonnie Prince Charlie, in Em, with bass - MIDI Chester - American Revolutionary War hymn - MIDI Christchurch Bells - 17th century country dance, playable as a round - MIDI Christmas Hornpipe - American, in traditional key of B flat - MIDI Christmas Hornpipe - American, in dulcimer friendly key of G - MIDI Church Street Polka - an Irish polka MIDI Cold Frosty Morning- American old-timey fiddle tune in Am MIDI Coleraine - Irish traditional high-energy jig, in Am - MIDI Colonel Bogey Theme- British - Intro and main theme - See Intros - MIDI Colonel Mc Bain's Reel - Scottish, Robert Bremner 1769 - original Key of G minor, three partswith dance instructions- MIDI Colonel Mc Bain's Reel in Dm- Scottish, three parts set in Dm mixolydian (C key signature) Robert Bremner 1769 - - MIDI Colored Aristocracy - American MIDI Comb Your Hair and Curl It - Irish Slip Jig - 9/8 - The title's not romantic like "The Butterfly", but the tune is great. 1743-5, and a good wedding song - MIDI Dainty Davie - Scottish song in 6/8 - Indelicate lyrics - Burns song - MIDI Dame Get Up and Bake Your Pies, Olde English carol of the Greensleeves family, with lyrics Scrooge would have loved......rather ghastly after the first verse, actually.

Petrie, Scottish, 18th Century - MIDI Miss Randon's Dance Scottish - 18th/early 19th Century - in Am duet with a bass part for piano, cello, bass - MIDI Mississippi Sawyer - American fiddle tune (reel, the old "double modal" version) MIDI Monaghan Jig, The - Three part Irish double jig - multitrack MIDI Mooncoin Jig - Irish Double jig in A mixolydian - MIDI Morrisque - French 16th Century dance tune in G that goes well with Branle L'Official - MIDI Mother-In-Law Reel - E minor reel by David Gardner of Willimsburg VA - MIDI Mr.

Fogg's Fancy - Scottish 18th century 9/8 in original key of C minor - MIDI Mr.

MIDI Come O'er the Stream Charlie, Scottish, 18th Century - MIDI Comical Fellow, English Country Dance, 18th Century - MIDI Crabs in the Skillet, American, 19th Century, "spooky" 40 bar jig in original key of Gm - MIDI Crabs in the Skillet, American, 19th Century, "spooky" 40 bar jig set in Am - MIDI Croagh Patrick, (also Haste to the Wedding) Scottish, 18th Century - two parts plus bass - MIDI Cuckoo, (the Cuckoo) American and British Isles traditional song, instrumental, in A minor - MIDI Cuckoo's Nest, American, British, Scottish, Irish traditional fiddle tune/song in D and D mixolydian- MIDI and see the different tune "Nyth y Gwcw" - the Welsh "Cuckoo's Nest Da Mihi Manum - "Give me Your Hand" old harp air by Rory Dahl O'Cathain c. MIDI Delahunty's Hornpipe - Irish, traditonal hornpipe, set in D - MIDI Dies Irae, the Dies Irae from the front cover border of my Ren-Med Faque Book - MIDI De'il Amang the Taylors, (Devil Among the Tailors), the Scottish ancestor of Devil's Dream - MIDI Dolley Madison's Minuet - American, composed by Alexander Reinagle in 1809 for the First Lady - MIDI Dolley Madison's Minuet Treble Duet - American, composed by Alexander Reinagle in 1809 for the First Lady, with the bass accompaniment in treble clef - MIDI Donald Dhu - Scottish, song - 18th Century MIDI Dover Pier - Playford English Country Dance, set in G major - 17th Century MIDI Down by Yon Sally Gardens - Irish, song - English lyrics were set by W. Yeats MIDI Downfall of Paris, from after Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo, set in G major - MIDI march - MIDI fast reel Drowsy Maggie, Irish fast reel - MIDI Duke of Kent's Waltz, Early 18th Century Waltz written for Queen Victoria's father - MIDI Easy You Rogue. - Traditional Irish jug by John Murphy ca 1809 - MIDI Eighth of January - American reel, after the Battle of New Orleans -War of 1812 - MIDI Ein Prosit - German drinking song, with lyrics. MIDI Eleanor Plunkett, Irish - O'Carolan sheet music - MIDI - multitrack Faery Dance, by legendary Scottish fiddler Niel Gow - Scottish, 18th Century - MIDI Fairly Shot on Her, 18th century Scottish/northern English 64 bar jig.

Plays like a 16 bar jig with three extra variations - MIDI Farewell to Whiskey - Scottish - Niel Gow's lament, now often played as a reel MIDI Faronell's Ground, Three of the Playford variations on Faronell's ground - 17th Century - MIDI Father O'Flynn - Irish jig, a/k/a Top of Cork Road with piano accompaniment MIDI Father O'Flynn - Irish jig, a/k/a Top of Cork Road, straight lead sheet with chords MIDI Female Sayler - French/English from the early 1700s, also a mid-1800s Christmas carol "Masters in This Hall", set in Am as an English country dance - MIDI Fenian Stronghold - Irish, traditional, compare to Avenging and Bright - old version in flat keys - MIDI Fenian Stronghold - Irish, traditional, dulcimer friendly keys - MIDI Fiddler's Dram - American and elswhere, 16 bar reel MIDI A Fig for a Kiss, A very nice 9/8 in E minor from England, Scotland and Ireland - MIDI Firth of Cromartie, John & Andrew Gow, Scottish, 18th Century - MIDI Fishar's Minuet II, A duet minuet by the author of Fishar's Hornpipe - 18th Century - MIDI Gaelic Air, a Highland air collected by P.

from the Petrie Collection ca 1840 - MIDI Kitty Magee- Traditional Irish Jig, the ancient and perhaps the oldest known version - MIDI Knives and Forks - a cute little Playford English Country Dance tune in G - MIDI Korobushka - Russian folk tune in Am, open to variations - MIDI Lady Frances Scot's Reel, Scottish - by Daniel Dow (actually more a 6/8 march) - MIDI Lakes of Pontchartrain - American song of the New Orleans area, with Irish connections - MIDI Lamb Skinnet - Scottish - 6/8 dance jig in A major - MIDI Lament for Charles Mac Cabe, by Irish harper Turlogh O'Carolan MIDI - multitrack Lanagan's Ball - Irish jig, without the lyrics MIDI Landlady of France - English and American, multi-titled tune and song, with lyrics - MIDI Lark in the Morning - Irish Double jig in E minor - Dorian - MIDI Lass of Patie's Mill - Scottish / English 18th Century MIDI Lawyers' Lamentation on the Tearing Down of Charing Cross - History Article- Prince Rupert's March - MIDI Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent - French melody, Picardy - English Hymn - MIDI Lumps of Pudding - Finale from the Beggar's Opera - As an instrumental in A minor - MIDI Little Man and Little Maid - Scots and English, multi-titled tune and song - MIDI Liliburlero - English, 17th century Playford tune and parent of the song - "Nottingham Ale" - MIDI Loch Lavan Castle - Irish reel (and perhaps Scottish also) becoming Americanized MIDI Lord Balgonie's Favorite- 18th Century Scottish air, used by Robert Tanahill for the song "Gloomy Winter's Now Awa'", and used as a piano air in the movie, "The Piano" - MIDI Lord Lovat's Lament- 18th Century Scottish air, later also known as "Lament for the Highland Clearances", with a bass part for bass, cello, harp or piano accompaniment - MIDI Lord Rollo's March- 18th Century Scottish march, withharmonies and a bass part for cello or piano (treble clef bass line) - MIDI Lost Farm Waltz - Contemporary American - a very nice waltz by Rick Wagner ..............................

Lost Farm medleys well with Wagner Girls Waltz - MIDI Love Song by Mr.

- MIDI Amazing Grace - English, Traditional Hymn, also now a bagpipe tune - MIDI Anacreontic Song, English - American, the tune that Marmaduke Durang used to set to Francis Scott Key's 1814 poem, one night when Durang, Key, Roger Taney and others were sitting in a Baltimore tavern - MIDI Arkansas Traveler - With a bit of the old 19th Century traveler patter routine - MIDI Auld lang syne - Scottish - Robert Burns - the familiar tune. - MIDI Auld lang syne - Scottish - Robert Burns - a less familiar tune - MIDI Aure Francoise - French, 3/4 major key arrangment - MIDI Avenging and Bright - Irish, Thomas Moore song, early 1800's - MIDI Back of the Schoolbus Suite I - Three tunes learned in the back of the schoolbus - folk music that survives with neither official support nor commercial assistance: Helen Had a Steamboat, Found a Peanut, Ninety Nine Bottles of Beer on the Wall - MIDI Back of the Schoolbus Suite II - Three more tunes from the back of the schoolbus - She Waded in the Water, The Worms Go In, My Bonnie - MIDI Back of the Schoolbus Suite III - Two more tunes from the back of the schoolbus - Web Footed Friends (Stars and Stripes Forever), and To the Dump (William Tell Overture) - MIDI Ballykeel Jig, A fast driving Irish jig that goes from D mixolydian to D ionian mode - MIDI Banks of the Dee, A moderate tempo 6/8 with American Revolution parody lyrics - MIDI Banks of Inverness, Celtic - Irish, with Scottish associations - MIDI Banks of Spey - Scots - One of the great William Marshall strathspeys from the 1700s - MIDI Banshee - or Mac Mahon's - Fast Irish reel, with a minor key bridge - MIDI Barbarini's Tambourine - 40 Bar Country dance tune, with an ending that goes on forever - MIDI Battle of Aughrim, Irish, after the battle in the 1690's Jacobite wars.

American with English melody by Irish composer Michael Kelly - MIDI Hunters of Kentucky - Single staff melody line, with intro and coda - MIDI Hunters of Kentucky - First page of the 1815 sheet music Huntingtone Castle - Scottish Em air in 6/8 with bass line (bass line written in treble clef) - MIDI Indian Queen - English country dance, Playford tune - MIDI Colonel Bogey Intro - Intro to Colonel Bogey March (Bridge on the River Kwai) to Soldier's Joy (Colonel Bogey's March really was named after a colonel who played golf) - MIDI Liberty Bell March Intro - Intro to Sousa's Liberty Bell March (Monty Python Theme) to Kesh Jig - MIDI National Emblem March Intro - Intro to National Emblem to Star of the County Down -MIDI Stars and Stripes Forever Intro - Possibly Sounsa's most famous.

Parody lyrics are "Be kind to your web-footed friends".

Scottish strathspey in A - Athole Collection 1884 - MIDI Hoboekentanz - 16th century dance tune with two 6 bar parts - MIDI Hog Eyed Man - American fiddle tune, compare to Sally in the Garden - MIDI Hole in the Wall - 19th century American Clog dance from Kerr's collection set in Am.

A good "spooky" tune.- MIDI (Mr.) Horn's Strathspey, John & Andrew Gow, Scottish, 18th Century - in Am - MIDI (Mr.) Horn's Strathspey, John & Andrew Gow, Scottish, 18th Century - in Gm - MIDI House of the Rising Sun 4/4 version, American traditional, with a bass line - in Am - MIDI House of the Rising Sun 6/8 version, American traditional, with an arpeggiated bass line and intro - in Am - MIDI Hunt the Squirrel - Lively English country dance in 6/8, widely known and played, and possible source of a schoolyard chant - MIDI Hunters of Kentucky - The original "Battle of New Orleans" song, from 1815, with the original 1815 accompaniment.

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