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They also stay away from products that are expensive to ship and to store.

Instead, liquidators prefer to buy easy-to-move products with a long shelf life, such as power tools, books, toys and building materials.

However, liquidators can be picky about the merchandise they buy.

To liquidate a fund, the fund company may choose to sell the fund's assets outright if there isn't a well-fitting fund to merge into, and can then distribute sales proceeds to fund shareholders.A business owner may split items among several liquidators to maximize revenue from the liquidation of each item.For example, the SBA reports that restaurant equipment that is sold out of a restaurant brings 40 percent more than the same equipment that has been removed from the restaurant and offered for sale in a a liquidation center.When a fund is up for liquidation, it means that the fund company has decided to either sell off the fund's assets or merge the fund's holdings into another fund, preferably a well-performing fund within the same fund family.If a fund is sold outright, the fund distributes the proceeds to its fund shareholders.

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