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This was a "personal" matter between the Agent for the Creditor, Mark-Randolph: Simser , and Bradley MURK.

So let's start at the beginning of the document trail.

To put it in Murk's words he pulled over a 1996 Dodge Neon because information gathered from the plate indicated that the registered owner of the car did not have a valid driver's license. Simser was driving and refused to provide his license or registration and got belligerent. Instead of having the court hear Simser's claims on their merits he does a Hail Mary and asks the court to strike the whole thing.

Additional police units showed up and Simser was arrested for obstruction. On pure procedural issues to do with some no-doubt trivial filing that Simser has missed; ... f=48&t=10814 and commiserated with his current problems with the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench; VI.

[115] A number of documents in Boisjoli’s materials are marked as notarized by “Edward J.

Powell, Notary Public in and for the province of Alberta.”: May 19, 2015: Offer of Performance Certified Promissory Note Verification of Tender of Payment & Notice of Reservation of Right Initiating Tort Claim June 25, 2015: Notice of Fault July 3, 2015: Notice of Acceptance and Judgement by Default July 27, 2015: Affidavit of Non-Response Any review of these documents would detect their unusual and obnoxious character.

Anyone can call him and request a copy of the public record..a fee of course.

The next document, on May 19, 2011, brings the story into focus.

I can't cut and paste from this one so I'll tell the short version. Simser was Travelling and Murk, an Edmonton police officer, nailed him.

[118] Boisjoli’s purported default judgment, the “Affidavit of Non-Response”, indicates Powell operates as an agent for Boisjoli in his dealings with the targets of his illegal and vexatious scheme, and provided the “public record” for Boisjoli’s “commercial negotiation”: 11.

That no qualified response, nor any reply at all, to any of the aforementioned presentments was received by me via Canada Post, the Notary, or any other mail carrier, and; 12.

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No doubt they discussed their court strategy in the bathroom mirror every morning.

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