Validating act

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Validating act

[Act, No.32 OF 1930][25th July, 1930.]PREAMBLEWHEREAS the Mussalman Wakf Validating Act, 1913, does not apply to wakfs created before its enactment; AND WHEREAS it is expedient to validate such wakfs without infringing any rights contrary thereto which may have already accrued or been acquired; It is hereby enacted as follows:-The Mussalman Wakf Validating Act, 1913, shall be deemed to apply to wakfs created before its commencement: Provided that nothing herein contained shall be deemed in any way to affect any right, title!

obligation or liability already acquired, accrued or incurred before the commencement of this Act.

Because the Power of Attorney (POA) can authorize the movement of conveyances and merchandise into the United States, it is critical that it be examined carefully.

By ensuring that each POA is valid, the broker joins U. Custom and Border Protection on the national security frontlines in verifying the data used to screen what enters this country.

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