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Updating zserver dyndns

During design discussion, it was decided that the new options should be not include the provider-specific prefix but rather be provider agnostic to ease sharing the code and possibly allow other providers to use dynamic DNS updates as well.

Imagine if an important server's DNS A record suddenly gets changed to the wrong IP. DDNS can sometimes go on a walkabout and it's important to know where to start troubleshooting if this happens.INSTALLATION: cp ddclient /usr/sbin/ mkdir /etc/ddclient cp sample-etc_/etc/ddclient/vi /etc/ddclient/-- and change hostnames, logins, and passwords appropriately ## For those using Redhat style rc files (e.g., Cent OS) and using daemon-mode: cp sample-etc_rc.d_init.d_ddclient.redhat /etc/rc.d/init.d/ddclient ## enable automatic startup when booting /sbin/chkconfig --add ddclient ## start the first time by hand /etc/rc.d/init.d/ddclient start The chkconfig part sets up ddclient to run as a daemon each time the system boots.As an alternative, I installed the FC3-extras ddclient rpm on one Cent OS4 system and it configured/ran fine, but the 3.6.6 implementation is a little nicer. I installed putty on my laptop and was able (from work) to log into my server and see all my directories.Ok, I will check to see if what I configured corresponds to what you have here. It would be noce to be able to accesss the server remotely though. Provided sshd is running on the server and the router directs inbound port 22 to the server, then you should be able to use ssh (or Pu TTY in windows) for remote access. I verified that sshd is running on my web server and activate both ports 22 ans 23 on my router for inbound, however even when I am connected with my laptop on my home network and try to telnet to my web server's IP address, I get a "connection refused". I know this is probably trivial for all you experienced Linux folks but it's all new and exciting to me!For security reasons, it might be a good idea to set up a different port in sshd and ssh using the -p option. Do keep in mind that there are numerous security ramifications associated with opening ports to the internet. Now at least I can check it remotely when I need to.

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However, if you run ddclient, make sure you disable the update function in your router, as most of the D-DNS providers will treat frequent updates as abusive.

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