Updating zoneinfo

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Updating zoneinfo

You can check your current timezone by just running I’m still struggling with this.

My cronjobs are not running, and I believe it has something to do with the timezone.

Leap seconds are a periodic one-second adjustment of Coordinated Universal Time(UTC) in order to keep a system's time of day close to the mean solar time.

However, the Earth's rotation speed varies in response to climatic and geological events, and due to this, UTC leap seconds are irregularly spaced and unpredictable.

Together these clocks are used to calculate UTC, and as this time measuring mechanism is independent of the Earth periodically the two must be brought into alignment with a leap second.Let's have a look at the time stamps of a leap second which is inserted, and the second after that leap second: We can normalize the time and date of the leap second: 60 seconds are 1 minute, which lets the minutes increment from 59 to 60 60 minutes are 1 hour, which lets the hours increment from 23 to 24 24 hours are 1 day, which lets the date increment, and so on.Finally we can say that both lines represent exactly the same time, or 2 consequent seconds have the same time stamp.The machine was first built using AZ/Phoenix (GMT-7). (And for the service cron restart one in the comments) I always forget that so much is available in various dpkg-reconfigure commands that saves headaches!I followed the above steps and made the system be GMT.

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Several time dissemination services also propagate the announcement of a leap second after this has been determined by the IERS.