Updating web content on the iseries

Posted by / 13-Nov-2020 19:31

Updating web content on the iseries

Depending on the size of the site or the topic, there may be a group of pages containing supporting content on that topic.

All the pages about a topic would link together as appropriate to answer a reader’s questions on the topic.

Think of Destination goals as the page a visitor lands on and Event goals as actions a visitor takes.

Read all about creating your goals in analytics here.

For instance, Destination goals are usually thank you or order confirmation pages.

Before you freshen up, you’re going to get your hands dirty. To analyze current site performance, check your analytics and figure out what people are doing on your site. Draw up a scenario that happened at the office today and ask your friend to try to navigate to the solution. Have them talk as they’re walking through your site.If you didn’t have a list of conversions as part of your website strategy from before, now you do.Let it guide your site design and content offerings.To demonstrate maintenance, you keep your content up to date and ever-relevant.Be mindful of these four things and you’ll be on the right track for developing high ranking, highly engaging and useful content for users and search engines.

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Basically, each big idea or category of your website is a pillar of your website.