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Updating transmission software

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening- tried to cover as many time zones as possible.

I recently had a service completed at my local infiniti boutique espresso bar and martini lounge; minor stuff, mainly fluid changes.

sb Type=TSB HTHyes there is dealer wanted 145 bucks plus tax to flash the transmission software.

I am told the shifting is smoother and less hunting in stop and go traffic.

I must say that after the software update, my car seems to handle much better! If I can assist in the future, don’t hesitate to give me a shout out. Noemi I too have an early build (June 2011) I purchased in Oct. I only have about 7600 km on it, but it is driven pretty well every day, so it has done a lot of shifting in that time.

Shortly after I purchased my Fiesta, driving home one day the car started bouncing like it was driving over an extreme washboard surface.

I would experience unresponsive acceleration, jerkiness at low speeds, and even some jerkiness at higher speeds.

Phantom is July 2010 build and the update happened in February this year. Nope - none other than me getting shift points way too high by not knowing the difference between a torque converter tranny and the DCT one. If your dealer does a TCM reflash, they are supposed to put a sticker under the hood where it can be seen.

I guess someone has to pay for the free bottled water and leather boutique to bring up this old of a thread but it's the newest one on the subject I could find.

I just got off the phone with rickenbaugh Infiniti asking how much it would be to perform the transmission firmware upgrade.

I will call the local nissan dealer and see if they are willing to do it.

Thank you in advance for your feed backso many views and no responses, so let me take on this one: My understanding those updates are TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins) not a Recalls so TSBs at no charge as long as your car still under warranty.

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My sticker is mounted on the top of the air intake box and quite easily seen/read.

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