Updating sins of a solar empire chat dating kr

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Steam will verify that all of your files are fully updated and fix any that aren’t.

4# How To Fix ‘Your mesh files differ from the host’ If you get this error while joining a multiplayer, you may need to uninstall, delete your Sins folder entirely (Do that manually) and re-install to fix this issue.

The UI will look incredible on 4K monitors now thanks to user interface scaling.

3# Game Crashes / Incorrect Version Number Displayed If your game crashes often or you get the wrong version in the lower-right corner of the screen when you first launch, some of your game files may have been failed to update properly.The update brings engine improvements to let the game use more memory so it can crash less, it reduces stuttering in large battles, fixes AI bugs, supports modern high resolutions, adds options for higher-quality textures and shadows, and it generally makes Rebellion better. Rebellion is on sale for a few days too, with a hefty 75% discount.Memory Optimizations Concern yourself with space battles instead of space restrictions!It mostly occurs on the Intel laptops with Nvidia chipsets. If simply updating drivers doesn’t work, set the Rebellion to use that driver exclusively.To do this, right-click on your Windows desktop and select Nvidia Control Panel.

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To resolve the issue – Within the Steam client, select Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion from your Library and right-click, then select Properties.