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In the UK, the price seems to have slid somewhat over the last couple of months to just over £4400.23rd I’m told that B&H in the US (who follow suggested prices) have dropped the price of the 1Ds mk3 by 0 – I’m expecting to see some quite noticeable cuts once the 5D Mk2 starts shipping, particularly with the likelihood of a replacement for the 1D3 announced by Feb/March.There are also quite a few second hand (refurbished) 1Ds Mk3 appearing in the UK, but they still seem to be holding their price.Could Canon be trying to shift them out of the way while the prices they can get are still at high levels?February 12th Buy a lens and flash with your 1Ds 3 and get a 0 rebate (US – until 1st March) – details on main Canon info page 2008 December 9th Down to 00 – perhaps some pressure on Nikon D3x prices ;-) Even in the UK, down to under £4300 November 21st More downwards US price movement as B&H move to 00.

It’s a long article, so do have a good read of all of it, before tearing your hair out ;-) My own initial thoughts from using a 1Ds3 all the time…2012 June 28th The 1D X finally ships and I decide to skip this upgrade 2011 October 18th The 1D X is announced by Canon, who suggest that it is the 1Ds3 replacement, as well as a ‘full frame’ 1D mk5 2010 March 14th There is a mail in US rebate of 0 if you buy a 1Ds3 with a Canon 9500 Mk2 printer.Runs until April 26th 2009 December 17th Firmware update to v1.2.0 May 14th from CPN Europe Free inspection and cleaning for oil spots on EOS-1D Mark III and EOS-1Ds Mark III Canon has discovered that images taken by some EOS-1D Mark III and EOS-1Ds Mark III digital SLR cameras may exhibit ring-shaped spots and is now offering free inspections and cleaning to solve this phenomenon.In that case, provide appropriate handling and servicing by following the details displayed on the LCD monitor of the camera.If an error code appears frequently, the camera is malfunctioning; therefore, note down the error number and contact our service center.

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FW 1.1.4 Corrects a phenomenon associated with image display during Live View shooting.