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Driver-assist features are more or less up to date, but back-up cameras and blind-spot warnings have been relegated to "expected" by most new buyers, who want adaptive cruise control and more elaborate collision avoidance tech.

Personally, I thought the Sienna was actually advantaged by the lack of bells and whistles: Some of the newer tech is distracting and intrusive.

And some of those services can present new car buyers with a surprising bill a few months into the ownership of a vehicle.

Most new cars offer a free trial period for services such as Sirius XM satellite radio, in-vehicle Wi Fi hotspots, personal "concierge" services, live traffic data, or remote car monitoring services that allow you to check in on your car through a smartphone app.

If you haven't bought a new car for a few years, you may be surprised to see a touch-screen computer on the center console of many new models where the stereo head-unit used to be.

Known in the industry as "infotainment" systems, these optional control systems often integrate stereo, navigation, and climate controls with highly detailed car data, along with a host of connected services.

Econ and snow modes max out fuel economy (which is 19 city/28 highway/22 combined according to the EPA) and help with traction in sloppy weather.

Again, comparing the new Odyssey to the aged Sienna is somewhat unfair, but until Sienna gets a fresh vehicle to market, this is the decision many consumers will confront.

In addition to a normal drive mode, there's a "sequential" mode that engages the paddle shifters.It's one of the longest-running competitions in the automotive world.Not Ferrari versus Lamborghini or Ford versus Chevy.We've reviewed both minivans, and we put them up against the family hauler in the market, the superb Chrysler Pacifica, the only minivan in the US market that's available as a hybrid.Now we're going to stand back and watch as the Odyssey and the Sienna duke it out.

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Fuel economy is fair: 19 mpg city/27 highway/22 combined (AWD worsens that across the board).

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