Updating field vfp5

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Updating field vfp5

#DEFINE CR CHR(13) CHR(10) DEFINE CLASS TFox ISAPI AS Custom OLEPUBLIC FUNCTION Helloworld LPARAMETER lc Form Vars, lc Ini File, ln Release Flag LOCAL lc Output *** HTTP header - REQUIRED on each request!*** System Defines lc Output="HTTP/1.0 200 OK" CR ; "Content-type: text/html" CR CR lc Output=lc Output ; "Note that the HTTP header is created as part of the output and that the output, header and HTML document both, are returned by the function.Visual Fox Pro's new capability to create Automation servers has brought about another slick option for implementing Visual Fox Pro based Web applications.

In order to use the internal Pool Manager the server must be single use EXE!Since you can call both the same server or a local and remote server.Since locals and remote must have different class ids this mechanism allows you transparently to load the remote with the same URL as the local.With a cool called Fox ISAPI that's provided by Microsoft with Visual Fox Pro you can do just that.Fox ISAPI works by calling an ISAPI script from an HTML HREF or form link.

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The Status URL displays a list of all servers that are currently loaded. Single Mode releases all servers but the first so you can run maintainenence operations that require EXCLUSIVE access to the data.

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