Updating field codes word

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Updating field codes word

A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience is required for appointment to the Professional Research Assistant title.Clinical Professors must have a terminal degree or equivalent and a record that, taken on the whole, is judged to be excellent and indicates substantial, significant and continued growth and development and accomplishment in teaching, research, clinical activity and service.Full Professors in the clinical teaching track must have the terminal degree, outstanding accomplishments in teaching, and/or provide clinical care, a record of leadership in the school, and a meritorious service record.Associate Professors in the clinical teaching track must have the terminal degree, be well qualified to teach and/or provide clinical care with considerable demonstrated evidence of successful teaching and demonstrated service.

Individual schools and colleges may require Senior Instructors to perform scholarly and/or service activities, but must make clear distinctions between Instructors/Senior Instructors and tenure-track Assistant Professors in terms of job qualifications, work assignments or expectations.The designation “visiting” before an academic title indicates that the faculty member has a temporary appointment for a defined period such as an academic year, semester, or summer term.The visiting title should indicate the faculty member’s rank at his/her home institution or planned for at this university.Instructors usually have their master’s degree or its equivalent and should be otherwise well-qualified to teach.Instructors are not tenure-eligible and their service as Instructor does not count toward the award of tenure. Only Instructors who engage in 50% or more clinical activity may be appointed to limited or indeterminate appointments.

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The title “distinguished” implies that there will be limited number of faculty members holding this title.