Updating deers from divorce

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In situations where National Guard and Reserve members activate for duty, more in-depth TRICARE plans can become available.

TRICARE benefits can be lost if you no longer qualify — and there are several reasons your coverage may be revoked.

* Go online to Tricare to update your information:

If you are new to the European theater or have recently had a change in your family – such as a move or a new baby – take the time to make sure your military health benefit information is up-to-date.

For other changes, visit your nearest ID card facility, which you can locate using the RAPIDS site locator at osd.mil/rsl/owa/home.Some common reasons for losing your TRICARE eligibility are: Applying for TRICARE is an easy, three-step process that first begins with registering in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).DEERS is a global database that catalogs information about military members, their families and dependents.You can complete a TRICARE eligibility check below.Like many insurance providers, TRICARE offers a variety of plans to fit your specific health situation or family health needs.

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The healthcare services TRICARE covers vary among enrollees, so it’s important to check the specific benefits of what your plan may cover. The answer is that many people qualify for TRICARE benefits.