Updating avg in safe mode dating children after separation

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Updating avg in safe mode

I miss the old ms dos days where you could at least work from c prompt.

You'll lose all your data, but get a fresh install of Windows (Which you'll need to update) Press and hold the 0 (zero) key and at the same time, tap the power button once to switch on your laptop. Another possibility is to create a bootable Antivirus disk, AVG provide one free, in the hope that it could remove the virus completely. I think I held down the power key simultaneously with zero key, but not 100% positive.

Run the AVG Rescue and you will be given the option of Updating AVG to latest database, but only via Ethernet.

Thanks, Mary Can you connect to Internet via Ethernet cable?

You can create a password to restrict access to the AVG user interface or specific program settings.

I followed your exact instructions regarding the zero key and had different results. "Obviously" just because the virus appears to be in the virus vault doees not mean one is out of the woods. Well, the fact that you can boot from the AVG disk would indicate that your basic functions are sound, but don't understand the BIOS error completely. If the AVG scan fails to reveal anything, and your Recovery Partition appears to be malfunctioning, next course of action will be to re-install Vista...

I used a lot of other tools,but nothing worked thus far, including trying to create a USB boot flash drive. Mmmm...strange since the new version (on or about a dayor two ago) of AVG moved Trojan horse 32 to the virus vault. I did not empty the vault at that time AVG found it because I was uncertain of safest protocol.

If you decide to go down the Win 8 road let me know and I'll talk you through a clean install, which if your HDD has plenty space could be placed in a new partition alongside Vista to give you access to your data. AVG scan reports the following (with all definitions updated): Zero infections, PUPs found: 2, Errors reported: 1. Feels like we are getting closer to needin an installation disk...before I can upgrade..

Vista Repair Install a possibility, but would need to find a download for Vista SP2 as that would be your present status.

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