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ECCS engages your customers “on the go” and helps you stay connected 24/7.

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Emenac Call Center Services are designed to empower businesses by achieving exceptional rate of customer engagement on all communication channels as well as on social media platforms.

Our sustainable and future-ready technology incorporated with all recommended call center software makes us to offer great customer experience with better interaction through outbound/inbound sales, surveys, telemarketing, taking orders via phone calls, live chat, email or even from social media channels.

Experts at “Emenac Call Center Services” believe that “there are thousands of ways to offer great customer services”.

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“Emenac Call center Services” brings made-to-order customer care and brand care solutions through call handling and web based customer support services for managing your brand reputation across all communication channels.

Emenac takes extra measures to recruit competent brand specialists and rectifies them with selective but result-driven customer support tactics which are incorporated with latest call center technology just to make them more efficient and intelligent to convert every customer interaction into potential business lead.

Emenac being technically adaptable for all types of businesses and industries offer complete customer contact center solutions from the very first interaction to after-order technical support.

We achieve that, by focusing on efficient customer experience with higher conversion rate and reduced idle time.

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