Twitter dating

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Twitter dating

Users who are interested in finding more than just Facebook “friends” can opt into the service and create a separate dating profile.There’s no word on whether or not Facebook “pokes” will be involved.“This is going to be for building real, long-term relationships—not just for hookups,” Zuckerberg told the F8 audience.

Agro-replying to someone with “Hey, thx 4 NVR responding – WTH is UR prob? DO send a friendly Direct Message if she has been responding to your public replies. There are plenty of other ladies out there in the Twitterverse. Be like Chumbawamba – when they got knocked down, they got back up again. She enjoys short walks on long piers, pierogies and making people laugh.DON’T have a creepy avatar, i.e., Hannibal Lecter – I don’t care how much you liked the movie.If you’re on twitter and hoping to meet a woman, maybe tuck that one between your legs for now. Aliases are fine, but if it’s something along the lines of JAXOFF247, it might be time to re-think your name and perhaps your life choices in general. Who you follow says a lot about who you are (or who you want people to think you are).ALL women are Megans when it comes to finding out about potential suitors and could be scared off by your XXX BABEZ.DO try to make your tweets witty and/or interesting.

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And because Twitter isn’t overtly a dating site, it takes the pressure off. So, if you’re single, you need to learn to tweet STAT and here are some DO’s and DON’TS. Make sure it’s current – not one from ten years ago when you were 15 pounds lighter and didn’t have a soul patch.

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