The dating scene in the 1940s in america

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"Batista's coup opened a Pandora's box," explained writer Carlos Alberto Montaner. What mattered was audacity, the individual capable of violent action." That individual turned out to be a daring young lawyer named Fidel Castro.Era of Change Between 19, Cubans from all walks of life -- students, businessmen, mothers, politicians -- united in opposition against Batista.On the eve of Fidel Castro's 1959 revolution, Cuba was neither the paradise that would later be conjured by the nostalgic imaginations of Cuba's many exiles, nor the hellhole painted by many supporters of the revolution.These revolutionaries recall Cuba as "the brothel of the Western hemisphere" -- an island inhabited by a people degraded and hungry, whose main occupation was to cater to American tourists at Havana's luxurious hotels, beaches and casinos.In the early part of the century the country's economy, fueled by the sale of sugar to the United States, had grown dramatically.Cuba ranked fifth in the hemisphere in per capita income, third in life expectancy, second in per capita ownership of automobiles and telephones, first in the number of television sets per inhabitant.Batista surprised many, ushering in an era of hope in Cuba by sponsoring a progressive constitution, allowing the Cuban Communist Party to join the government, and stepping down in favor of his opponent, Grau, when his four-year term was over.Plagued by Corruption For the next twelve years Cuba enjoyed democracy and free elections.

Since achieving independence in 1902, Cuba had suffered what simply could be called bad government.José Martí, Cuba's George Washington, was killed in battle in 1895. Congress passed the Platt Amendment, granting the U. the right to intervene militarily in Cuba to protect its interests there. Invoking the Platt Amendment, the United States would occupy Cuba between 19, and continue to intervene in later years.On May 20, 1902, the birth date of the first Cuban republic, no leader had the power to harness the passions and ambitions unleashed by independence. Democratic Hopes All the tensions of the First Republic exploded in revolution in 1933.In the countryside, some Cubans lived in abysmal poverty.Sugar production was seasonal, and the -- sugarcane cutters who only worked four months out of the year -- were an army of unemployed, perpetually in debt and living on the margins of survival.

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