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I'd love to take some of the Facejacker characters to the States and make a movie. " He may have his own personal movie ambitions but his actual next big screen outing is genuinely impressive.

Kayvan has a star-making role as spectacularly stupid would-be suicide bomber Waj in Four Lions, Chris Morris's edgy take on the mujahideen.

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The effort that goes into each prank – setting up fake TV shows, lying to people to commandeer locations, staying in character for six hours – is staggering.I remember being sat there in a makeup chair for three hours being done up as Terry thinking, "I'm just going to look like a big Iranian dude with plastic stuck to his face!" Thankfully, most members of the public bought the rubbery ruse and the result is some captivating improvised comedy.Dismissed in some sneery circles as a one-joke premise, the crank calling-comedy displayed Novak's dextrous knack for accents and the sort of quotable characterisation that rings out in playgrounds up and down the country.Now he's decided to give Channel 4's phone bill a breather and take those characters and others out into the open for his new series, Facejacker.

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It suffers from the same scattergun quality that blights most new sketch shows but Novak's skits are so impressively daring and suitably mischievous that you're eventually pummelled into sniggering submission.