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If you request a change from one Cash Feature to one of the alternatives available to you, Schwab will generally effect that change the following Business Day, but reserves the right to take longer if necessary to properly process your request.

This may result in the loss of one or more Business Days' interest or dividends.

If an account is added to the Accounts of Your Household, any impact on Household Calculations may not take effect until the following quarter. The Cash Features Program permits you to earn income while you decide how those funds should be invested longer term.

Cash advances, purchases and authorizations: The Bank uses six Banking Days each week for purposes of the security limits on the number and amount of cash advances, purchases and authorizations you can make. Cash Features refers to the following alternatives: Please note that certain foreign Schwab affiliates may have different Cash Features than the ones listed above.

Deposit accounts at an affiliated bank held in your Account are not eligible for SIPC insurance.

You authorize us to act as your agent to make deposits to and withdrawals from deposit accounts at one or more banks affiliated with Schwab or purchase and sell shares in a Schwab Sweep Money Fund in accordance with the Cash Features Disclosure Statement.

The Schwab One Schwab aggregates the balances and activities of Accounts of Your Household to determine for brokerage accounts: commission rates, the interest rates that certain cash balances receive, whether those accounts may qualify for certain fee waivers, and whether those accounts may qualify for certain benefits or features ("Household Calculations"). Schwab may establish from time to time minimum balance requirements to open an Account.

Schwab may consider other accounts to be in your household upon your request if account holders are in the same family, there is a dependent relationship, or in certain other similar instances at Schwab's discretion. The minimum deposit may consist of a check, money order, Electronic Fund Transfer and/or marginable securities.

For example, if you or other members of your family who reside at your home address have a different last name (including a spouse, if applicable), you need to contact Schwab to request that we combine your accounts for purposes of Household Calculations. Schwab's Cash Features Program is the service described in the Cash Features Disclosure Statement that we provide to automatically invest, or "sweep," the Free Credit Balance in your Account into a liquid investment or to earn interest from Schwab on the Free Credit Balance in your Account.

If you do not respond within the specified time period, you agree that Schwab may treat your non-response as your acceptance of the new Cash Feature.

Your authorization will remain in effect until you give us notice to the contrary.

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As a condition to changing your Cash Feature, Schwab will transfer the funds in your prior Cash Feature to your new Cash Feature.

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