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Stollen cam

Lots of drama and long-hidden shared history between our characters.

I like that the history is never really spelled out, leaving the audience to fill in the gaps themselves.

My friend, Keisha (some of you may remember her, though she’s been retired for about ten years, now), once said, “Don’t explain.” However, its been so. An old partner of Ernest’s, “F.,”has come back into his/our lives and she has a lovely partner she wants to share with us. Ernest is very hot for LG and I always like to facilitate a good time for others. I’m “dominissive,” in these situations: dominant over our guest (s) while remaining submissive to Ernest. and Ernest go back over twenty years and are very close.

The bonus is that Sable will be back on Saturday for some solo time with him. That means the next time Ernest and I are alone will be off. She is super smart, warm, sexy, engaging, and we had a great scene.She’s super-femme-y, which always makes Ernest happy, and very eager to play with an experienced older couple. She showed up exactly on time, dressed exactly as we asked: the super-cute black mini-dress from the dinner date, panties, and her heels. As a matter of fact, she’s got relatives in France and will be going there to live for four months later this spring.Just the sort of thing a young, single, sexually adventurous woman should do!She held out each wrist sweetly and placed each foot onto the chair just so, so I could apply the cuffs. She lifted her hair and he kissed her neck before clicking shuttle little padlock.We settled onto the couch with her wine, something to smoke (she did not partake) and a nice selection of smut to peruse while we got to know each other better.

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If any of you are in non-monogamous marriages you’ll know that sometimes one’s social calendar is booked to the gills and sometimes it seems as if we’ll never have a threesome again.

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