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She had long blonde hair and was about Bella's height. She had forgotten to pick up something on her grocery run because she was distracted. "Good night, Bella," he said with his back towards her. They'd been talking for a couple of weeks now and Bella hadn't learned Trashpanda's real name just yet.

"It's not what you think," he said like a deer caught in headlights."Oh, threesome! "Oh, she's special, Damon, I can smell it.""Katherine as in… ""Yep.""And she looks like Elena.""Did I miss that out? From the stories he had told her about Katherine, Bella knew that she was bad news and really couldn't understand his infatuation with her. Bella's life had always been a little strange; her flaky mother, her father in a cold weather area that she liked to avoid and a seemingly magical grandfather. Which was fine, seeing as Bella's nickname was Ceiling Cat.Emancipated from both her parents at age 16, when her landlord's nephews come to town, her life starts to get even stranger. It just hurt that he left her for some blonde bimbo with a bigger ass and a bigger rack. Not with fantasized shit, but with the things that she had noticed. "I'm a friend of Stefan's.""Okay, hi Lexi.""Aren't you going to invite me in? If you can't cross the threshold on your own, you're not coming in," Bella replied, crossing her arms over her chest. Oh, there were worst names she could have come up with, but that was the freedom of the internet, wasn't it? Bella liked talking to Trashpanda about random stuff that was not related to what Bella's life had become. Unfortunately, her friend wasn't online so Bella settled in in front of her computer and read Damon's book. In late 2016, when it was announced that the eighth season would be the final season, Dobrev was in talks about returning to the television series to reprise her role in the final episode. Dobrev's return was confirmed on January 26, 2017, via an Instagram post.Dobrev appeared in the final episode of the show as both Elena and her evil doppelgänger Katherine Pierce.

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Until then, Bella kept her spirits up and they both discussed their writing together.