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Speed dating newport

It was photographed at the Birmingham Speed and Custom Show in 1978 by Malcolm Bailey.

Malcolm says: "If I recall, it had a supercharged 327ci Chevy smallblock and Jaguar independent rear suspension".

We publish our findings in a quarterly society magazine - Milepost - which isdistributed to society members.

It is licenced for road use, and the registration number is genuine. Under the platform, however, things are very different, as this view shows.Twin DC motors are provided to start and accelerate the float, whilst the larger DC motor above (a standard float motor) is cut in once a certain speed is reached. The VXL Automotive team brought this impressively sleek and quiet float to challenge Dan's team for the record.The motors are connected to the driveshaft via a system of pulleys and rubber belts. Although this is a development vehicle not fitted for road use, production vehicles are already being built for several customers and are likely to appear in service soon.The society can offer insightful and meaningful commentary on the current UK railway scene.Independent from any rail organisation, we can provide balanced and unbiased views on the performance and reliability of the UK and some European railway systems.

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