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Speed dating bellingham washington

For example, a Whistler - grade blue trail, may be more similar to a black trail, somewhere else.

Riders should be comfortable climbing and descending intermediate, rough terrain, with roots and rocks, cornering with speed and performing basic maneuvers such as front and rear wheel lifts, pedalling wheel lifts and small roll-down style drop-offs.

Please note the reading and worksheet takes approximately 2 - 3 hrs to complete.Each day of the three day course, instructor candidates will learn riding skills and theory, have plenty of time to practice, and receive personal feedback for your own improvement.Additional PMBI Workshops covering topics such as bike-fit, mechanics and first aid, take place at the start or end of each day, to further build your knowledge and skill set during the course.Some people pick up teaching straight away, teaching more clearly and simply than others who have taught for years.It all depends on the individual, their life experiences and their willingness to learn new skills.

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