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She has not talked about her current relationship and thus, the seriousness of the relationship is not known.The son of Star Trek's original Lieutenant Uhura says his mother Nichelle Nichols has dementia and is being taken advantage of by 'certain individuals'.In 2008, she started dating another co-star, James Lafferty.Chad once stated that he is totally fine with his former girlfriend dating another co-star.May 2010 - Present Sophia Bush confirmed her romance with 'One Tree Hill' co-star Austin Nichols in 2010, but she said the two had been dating off and on for the past four years.

With the collected information, it can be said that she dated a few guys, whom she quoted as wrong guys, before she ended up with the love of her life.She was not accused of cheating on her husband or her boyfriends when she was with them.There were no known arguments that would have ended up the relationships.When asked about the rumors, she said that she was shocked by reading those stories in the magazines. She did not mention why she broke with her boyfriends.It was said that she did not think James to be her ‘someone special’.

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There were no confirmation or denial and it was considered to be a rumor.

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