Single fathers and dating

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Single fathers and dating

Dan: Right; I wouldn’t just bring a date over to say hello.

I’d have to be going out with her for at least six months before I’d invite her to meet my kids — I just think it’s best that way.

Robert: Let’s not forget about the fact that when you’re dating a single mom, she understands what the dynamic is about.

For example, she may be dealing with the same issues as you are — like custody or trying to organize schedules — and she’s likely to be more empathetic.

On the other hand, it’s harder to get together with a single mom because you both have households to run, and it’s often hard to find time in your schedules that works for both of you.Mark: I used to introduce my kids to my dates but now I wait a little longer because my kids are at an age where they bond really quickly to people.I also think it’s not a good thing to keep bringing people in and out of their lives.Mark Kasserman, 47, video producer; San Rafael, CA.Divorced for 11 years; has two sons, ages 11 and 13. Divorced three years ago; has four children, ages 16, 14, 12 and 9.

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She gets the fact that sometimes you really do need to cancel something at the last minute because something really did come up with your child — and you understand that the same thing can and does happen on her end.

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