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“Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,” if you go through the lyrics, is such a haunting melody and the words are, for a pop song, pretty deep and dark. I was like, “This is so ridiculous that Carole walked out on stage after seeing a musical about her life.” Oh my God, what a thrill to meet her and to get a chance to talk to her after the show.

And I think that’s what made them a really special songwriting team. Yes, especially considering the story that they choose to tell. I really worked hard not to portray Gerry as a villain. I saw that Carole King came to one of the shows recently and surprised you all. I think we all would have been nervous and anxious. And she talked to me about Gerry and she was so warm and loving and open and cool. How important is it to know that she approves of what you’re doing?

What did you guys do to kind of get comfortable with each other and to be able to go to those darker places and those more intense moments on stage?

You just kind of dive right in and don’t think about it.

The fact that it became quite popular, like mainstream popular, was something that nobody expected, and certainly the popularity in the States was something that none of us expected. I think it was like what you [go through] in high school.

Yeah, my dad is a huge folk music fan so growing up there were always records playing in my house.Is there an episode or scene that people still come up to you and want to talk about?We’d get some letters about people who grew up in an abusive home and how much how we handled the relationship with Craig and his abusive father meant to them. I’d get letters about people who were going through the same thing and how much it meant for them to see that in a TV show.Looking back at the people you were working with at the time, so many of them are breaking out on TV, movies, music just like you are. It’s kind of like finding out the people you went to high school with are out doing interesting things; it’s great.Some of them I’ve been in touch with, most of them I have completely lost touch with. I love going to Brooklyn, wandering Brooklyn and discovering something new.

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Then to find out that she saw it and loved it so much was, again, sort of a bonus.