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The FBI's seizure of has, again, helped blunt a useful avenue for sex workers to find work.It's not just the realm of adults-only websites and platforms that are now having to crack down on discussions of sex.As my colleague Violet Blue wrote, "Lawmakers did not fact-check the bill's claims, research the religious neocons behind it, nor did they listen to constituents." That's not to mention that FOSTA-SESTA contravenes the First Amendment's protection of free speech.The fallout has been dramatic, with the website Survivors Against SESTA documenting the litany of changes that have taken place.This includes the closure of sex-work directories like City Vibe and Night Shift as well as the personals sections of websites like Craigslist.Fet Life's kink-friendly social network is currently consulting with its users to determine its future plans.Its job is to neuter the safe-harbor provisions contained in Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act 1996 with regards to sex.

A common thread with many of these moves is to strip an often-marginalized group of its ability to make money.One of the more high-profile adult performers to believe that they have been shadowbanned is Stormy Daniels.On April 6th, she tweeted that it was now impossible to find her account even when searching for her username.If you're unfamiliar, the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act and the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act were two bills welded together on Capitol Hill.The legislation passed the House on March 21st and was signed into law by President Donald Trump today.

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Twitter, meanwhile, stands accused of shadowbanning users who are engaged in sex work or the wider adult-entertainment industry.

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