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We considered the mysteries and secrets of the artifacts that surrounded us in his office.

And then later, we did the same while exploring the San Lazaro Pueblo.

We were happy to ‘pull up a chair’ in the way previously quoted from the San Lazaro book’s preface.

So much history, with amazing paths to further explore, were handed to us by listening.

It’s actually a large boulder that is part of a great mystery at the San Lazaro Pueblo.

“We have decided to say what we wish in a conversational tone as we look at the objects from San Lazaro and consider the mysteries and secrets that surround them.

So, if you have an open mind and a romantic bent, please pull up a cushioned chair and come in a little closer.

The warriors would be lowered down the shaft (possibly by a rope or ladder), in order to crawl through the tunnel to spectacularly emerge from the tunnel in front.

They possibly walked between burning bonfires on either side of the tunnel’s exit for added allure. Besides being unsure of all the details for this extraordinary ceremony, Medicine Rock gives another mystery to ponder.

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A magnificently dressed Shaman would also be standing on top of the rock to bless the warriors as they ascended from below and into the light. In the tailings around the shaft behind the rock are tiny pieces of Jet scattered about.

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