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Sex chat on phil

So Pete dispatched his ' Pete Bone Volunteer Militia' to shoot the dog. Deane Wheeler calls them "zomba" instead of zombies so he doesn't scare kids. Austin Amarka has a beautiful daughter who also ...…An encore from one year ago, May 22, 2017.

Chef Carl Chodillia has the recipe for lemongrass hamburgers but he winds up throwing them in the street…

The BSP Classic Show is from M ...…Today Phil hosts another Phil Classic.Herb Sewell doesn't want to say "Happy Mother's Day." He wants to say "Mother's Day." That's it. Art Griego believes ...…Dr Jim Sadler is happy Starbucks is investing in diversity training but racist or not, he loves their Mermaid Frappuccinos.Steve Bosell was rooting for the Nashville Predators until some moron threw a catfish on the ice.They were on the morning show to discuss the idea of teenage girls being given vibrators as a means of normalising sexual exploration and to ‘close the pleasure gap’.The chat appeared to have gone off without a hitch and, just as it reached its climax, Phil pipped up with a joke that went straight over Holly’s head.‘Well’ of course’ as you can imagine this has sparked a mass debate,’ he quipped.

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