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In fact, it is the only set of myths that were enshrined in a ceremony.

This guaranteed a better chance of surviving intact over the centuries.

All would have a similar story about the flood, but they may have their own opinions about the reasons behind sin and the problems at creation. The claim is also made that the Jews borrowed their religion from the Egyptians, Babylonians and Persians.

So flood stories should be more consistent than creation stories. During the middle ages, as the Roman government made Christianity the state religion, the Catholic church incorporated pagan legends, feasts, customs and practices into the religion so that they could lure pagans into the church. Christmas, Christmas tree, yule log, purgatory, indulgences, icons, Sunday worship and many other practices changed the religion. According to the Bible, the power of God was so great among all these nations, that their leaders told them to honor the Jewish God!

But God intervened on Mount Sinai to restore the truth to Moses.

But these are the myths and legends that should share some common information. These myths and ceremonies were established long before the flood when God promised Eve that her son would save her.

Later, after the fourth century when Christianity tried to convert the Pagans, they corrupted the religion. When it simply means the oldest document that they have found so far.

It is possible that while they had the same memory of the flood, that any of the three sons and the daughters-in-law could have held many personal opinions about the origins of the problems between God and Satan. The time line in the Bible shows that from the call of Abraham, Judaism existed long before any of the surviving religions.

And while the Jews were exiting Egypt, other religions were just being formally organized.

In examining these stories, I am proposing that the stories originated with the history that Noah and his family held.

So now, there are up to eight minor or major variations of the same story.

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But, Moses did not plagiarize the story from the Epic of Gilgamesh.

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