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WRONG it from what I understand uses the version value which is cached from a copy of the item upon loading it.

The // in the first session Cat cat = (Cat) first Session.load(Cat.class, cat ID); // in a higher tier of the application Cat mate = new Cat(); Mate(mate); // later, in a new session second Or Update(cat); // update existing state (cat has a non-null id) second Or Update(mate); // save the new instance (mate has a null id)//retrieve a cat from one database Session session1 = factory1Session(); Transaction tx1 = session1.begin Transaction(); Cat cat = session1.get(Cat.class, cat Id); tx1.commit(); session1.close(); //reconcile with a second database Session session2 = factory2Session(); Transaction tx2 = session2.begin Transaction(); session2.replicate(cat, Replication Mode.

Many applications need to retrieve an object in one transaction, send it to the UI layer for manipulation, then save the changes in a new transaction.

Applications that use this kind of approach in a high-concurrency environment usually use versioned data to ensure isolation for the "long" unit of work.

The ISession is disconnected from any underlying ADO. This approach is the most efficient in terms of database access. As the ISession is also the (mandatory) first-level cache and contains all loaded objects, we can propably use this strategy only for a few request/response cycles. Read (performing a version check, bypassing all caches) if you are sure that the object has not been modified.10.4.3. In here I will compare the Version of the entity being flushed to the Version of the item in the database, this will do what I would like and allows me to set the Version manually.

The application need not concern itself with version checking or with reattaching detached instances.// foo is an instance loaded earlier by the Sessionsession. This is indeed recommended, as the ISession will soon also have stale data.10.4.2. Application version checking Each interaction with the database occurs in a new ISession that reloads all persistent instances from the database before manipulating them. The main issue is that there is 1 extra DB call to get the version, but in my case this is minimal.

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An issue I was having was that I have a version column in my database defined as an integer and then in my NHibernate mapping files have defined a element to map to this column.

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