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This is from a fan base that absolutely will, whether it is acknowledged or not, hold a monumental amount of sway when the issue of Safe Standing comes to being green-lighted or not across the Premier League.

Bus later had at least one window smashed and is unusable for the return journey Tg VBujc3w — Carl Markham (@carlmarkham) April 4, 2018 Merseyside Police are conducting enquiries to identify those responsible for throwing objects at the bus, while Liverpool have condemned the attack and vowed to support City in establishing the facts of what occurred.

The other chipped in, ‘They went bust and you was (sic) laid off? The point of this anecdote is NOT to portray all Scousers as chancers; rather to highlight the very widespread default setting that they as a breed are forever fighting wave after wave of injustice.

Outside of football, one’s parameters of grief are frankly infinite.

I was on a bus going into Liverpool once and two lads who had been at school together bumped into each other for the first time in a decade.

They were catching up and one said that his last job was working for some company or other up until the previous summer.

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“The beer here is from local brewery, the Bristol Beer Factory”, they explain.