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Saudi arabia dating rules

Since Riyadh is the capital city, flights to and from the kingdom are also generally cheaper.With that said, it still is a very conservative city, but relatively speaking less so than many cities in the kingdom.Every weekend, hordes of young Saudis drive down the twenty five kilometer bridge to to the tiny kingdom of Bahrain to party.Bahrain is the polar opposite of Saudi Arabia and is loaded with clubs, bars, and movie theaters.At about one million residents, I found it a little too small for my likes.

It does not look anywhere near as busy, and real estate is definitely cheaper.It is a definite welcome relief to the rigid rules across the bridge.Since getting Saudi visitor visas for friends is a little hard, you can get them to stop over in Bahrain and spend quality time together–which is a big plus.For those looking for fun, Medina is most definitely not the place for you.The city itself is beautiful, with large domed minarets and a rich heritage.

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