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And the more insidious or intense the trauma, the deeper the wound and more difficult it is to heal.

And we also become “conditioned” to our instinctive emotional responses to the trauma. Police in Australia are refusing to apologize for failing to properly investigate a string of homicides in the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s believed to have been motivated by anti-LGBT bigotry.

And when engaging in therapy with trauma survivors, merely wanting to help empower them is not enough.Real paranoia is a lot more than understandable mistrust following shock and betrayal.The word literally means “aside from one’s [right] mind.” It’s an aberrant state of mind characterized primarily by (e.g., thinking everyone’s watching me or the KGB has bugged my phones).And I’ve posted some articles on the major hurdles toxic relationship survivors face when trying to pick up the pieces and move on (see, for example: and related subsequent articles).But some folks say that they’ve ended up feeling more than understandably shaken by their experience.

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And for the most part, despite how intense the emotional upheaval might be, it’s a perfectly understandable and response to the trauma.