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Darcy doesn't know anything about nature, but she takes a job at a veterinary clinic called Creature Comforts and has zany encounters with animals.

Paxton is the only recognizable name on this show-- the actress has gone on to become something of a scream queen, starring in indie horrors like 's remake.

Scott Michael Foster, who played Cappie (short for Captain John Paul Jones) went on to big roles in a number of shows including was one of Discovery Kids' attempts to cash in on scripted teen TV.

The American-Canadian show stars Sara Paxton as Darcy, a fashionable California teen whose crazy actress mother decides to uproot them from Malibu to a farm in the middle of nowhere so Darcy can grow up in a more normal environment.

Darcy has two friends: the naïve Kathi and Lindsay, whose dad is a vet at Creature Comforts.

The resident cute guy is named Eli and he knows a lot about animals, making him the perfect package. , Genevieve Padalecki plays Kris, troubled teen who is good with horses.

We've already explored ’00s teen movies that were completely forgotten, and now it's time to do the same for TV.

But let's go back to Jesse Mc Cartney for a second.

This show features Jesse Mc Cartney, the dreamy '00s pop singer, as Bradin Westerly.

Sara Paxton also makes an appearance as a troubled teen and girlfriend to Jesse Mc Cartney.

This show is worth a watch just for the combination of Jesse Mc Cartney and Zac Efron-- the tween dream of every girl growing up in the 2000s.

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Let all the teen drama come rushing back with 15 ‘00s Teen Shows You Completely Forgot About.

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