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In short, it appeared that Buell was quite high and had been for some time.

I turned my attention, instead, to the comments on the live stream and there were two separate factions.

Now followers of the celebrity phantom-chaser have come forward to claim that this incident is just the latest in a series of Buell’s scams.

From 2007 to 2011, Buell starred as a supernatural researcher on the A&E reality show .

Some offered encouragement and told Buell they hoped he was healing and they were praying for him.

An equal number seemed full of anger and rage at a man who they’d once believed in and he had not only let them down. Many confronted him and asked what had been going on, and once again, Buell deflected.

This was not the time and the place to have that conversation, and by this time, many of us realized that the right time and place would never come.

I watched them all, but I secretly hoped that “Paranormal State” might return and that Ryan and his team were still investigating, even if they were not longer on television. Other people began to complain that they had purchased merchandise, but they never received the merchandise and when requested, their money was not returned. I wanted to believe that this was a good man who was sick and possibly facing death. He could no longer continue to risk his own reputation. I believe that he started out on a clear path, but somewhere along the way, that path wandered and his final destination had tainted the entire journey.Update (September 26, 2016): Ryan Buell’s mother has seemingly confirmed many fans’ suspicions that he did not have pancreatic cancer, according to a comment obtained by Crimefeed.Shelly Bonavita Lundburg recently reached out through social media and asked people not to enable her son, and responded to a comment posted by one fan who asked about his cancer diagnosis by writing: “!” Her response was deleted, but a fan was able to capture a screenshot, which they forwarded to Crimefeed.The celebrity ghost hunter was moved to Centre County Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania, where as of September 26 he was incarcerated facing theft charges.

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